What is MARTECH?

Martech is an acronym for “Marketing Technology”. It refers to technologies which play an increasingly important role in the development of marketing, have changed its nature and the previous status quo. 

The term “Martech” has been popularized by an American programmer and entrepreneur, Scott Brinker (chiefmartec.com). He was the first to see this path of development and illustrated it as 3 overlapping areas: marketing, technology and project management. What does that mean in practice? 

Martech in practice

The rapid and comprehensive development of technology means that marketing directors face new challenges. Currently, they have to combine skills in the area of brand building, technology and management. The latter concept includes not only team or process management, but also the flow of data between such competence “silos” as:

Offline sales

Online sales

CRM expansion through loyalty programmes

media planning




Logistics (ERP)

Martech is in fact an ability to combine and automate processes with the use of technology [i.e. MARKETING + TECHNOLOGY], but also conscious use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize management, based on numerous sources of data widely streamed in so-called real-time.

Martech r/evolution

The martech revolution has become a fact, which is confirmed by the current industry ecosystem. The first map of this market, created by Brinker in 2011, featured about 150 applications.

However, with each subsequent year the number of entities has been steadily increasing. The 2018 version of the map already included 6,242 providers of technology for marketing and 68,829 solutions supporting modern marketing activities.

The Polish Martech environment

The Polish Martech environment is also growing in strength, although its awareness is at an early stage. Below you can check how wide the range of products in this category can be on the competence map.

Advertisign & Promotion

Content & Experience
Social & Relationships
Commerce & Sales



Total Solutions 8.000 Growth
Sicne 2019
Advertising & Promotion
Content & Experience
Social & Relationships
Commerce & Sales

The growing significance of the DATA and MANAGEMENT

The DATA category saw the highest growth [+25.5%], which indicates how much demand there is for comprehensive, in-depth analysis. The effect of this trend is, of course, an increase in the MANAGEMENT category [+15.2%], which needs to deal with practical use of the acquired information to increase business efficiency. 

Interesting conclusions can be drawn from an analysis of the 3rd category of “Social &Relationships”, where the key focus is on building an increasingly personal relationship with the consumer by using the potential of data from social media platforms, influencers, chatbots and live streams. This is an important direction for the media industry: development towards client service automation.


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