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According to the information provided by Law Business Quality, statistically only 1 in 10 start-ups is successful.

One of the reasons for this is that it is not possible to test the ideas in market conditions.

The reason for this was analysed by Delloitte consulting company: “According to the Deloitte report of 2016, the Polish start-up ecosystem offers relatively good conditions for development at the initial stage of operations, when general concepts are developed and transformed into business ideas. However, the situation gets worse at the phase of implementing solutions and acquiring business partners. This is the moment when young entrepreneurs, who have already spent some time and money, often do not receive enough support to turn their ideas into real business. Under these conditions, innovative initiatives often slow down or stop completely”.

Obstacles to success

According to MamBiznes.pl, as much as 25% of Polish start-ups discontinue activity during the first year of existence, while in the second year – it is as much as 40%.

The risk is somehow embedded in the definition of a start-up, as this business model is sometimes referred to as implementation of a product or solution in conditions of extreme uncertainty. However, this risk can be reduced with the support of experienced entrepreneurs, who can help avoid mistakes and pitfalls that stand in the way of the company’s development.

There can be many reasons for a failed launch. The most frequently mentioned ones are a lack of real demand for the product, ill-considered expenses, lack of organisational skills and poor teamwork.

These reasons are mainly due to a lack of business skills, not to misguided product concepts. On the other hand, even the best ideas, if not properly developed, may be of little market value.

Often the start-up’s product or service has a very narrow scope of application

It is a modification of a narrow fragment of a process. This is a big obstacle for large companies that would have to combine functionalities provided by several technology suppliers to get a design scalable to the desired size. There is usually no time or human and capital resources for this.

the challenges for those deciding to launch a start-up include:

Is there a recipe for solving all these problems?

We think so. That’s why [m]spark powered by Knowledge Hub Accelerator was created, the first such accelerator for Martech start-ups.

As befits the industry it operates in, the formula is highly innovative and breaks the mould.

How is it work?

Our main area of activity is ACCELERATION, i.e. support for young companies with an operational service, so as to ensure scaling [growing sales on Polish and foreign markets, as a source of revenue and cash flow, which allows us to build the real value of the company in the long term].

The key distinguishing feature of [m]spark is its integration with the structures of GroupM, the largest media holding company in Poland. This guarantees access to nearly 200 top advertisers, as well as a team of industry experts from many areas:

Does this solution work?

Even though it's not always perfect, we usually can do it 🙂

Is there evidence of this?

Yes, more than 300 campaigns implemented since 2018, 7-digit annual turnover and recommendations: numerous press releases and industry awards for projects using technologies developed by start-ups working with [m]spark:

If these arguments have convinced you

let’s work together 🙂