Instreamly – livestreaming is the future

[m]spark: Where did the idea for Instreamly come from?

Instreamly: As active streamers, we have seen how few sources of monetization exist for small and medium-sized creators. At the same time, the process of cooperation between the streamer and the brand seemed possible to automate. Awareness of the niche and the availability of tools has allowed Instreamly to be developed.


[m]spark: What categories are the most popular for livestreaming?

Instreamly: The epicentrum of livestreaming is gaming, but that’s going to change. In our opinion, the growing of live-streaming popularity is an inevitable and undeniable trend associated with the development of data transmission technologies. At the same time, the live broadcast responds to the needs of the audience. Therefore, we currently associate live-streaming mainly with gaming, we should be more interested in the egalitarian nature of technology than the thematic scope of streaming.


[m]spark: What industries do you think are promising in the future?

Instreamly: At this moment we observe the growing of live-streaming popularity in the field of traditional sports. It’s a business that goes from TV to the internet. The real revolution will be the already observed, very dynamic growth of the IRL (in real life) category. We are confident that internet users will broadcast daily activities such as cooking, repairing the car or preparing makeup.


[m]spark: What is the profile of the viewer?

Instreamly: Currently, in the case of gaming, they are mostly young men, between 13 nd 29 year old. That is, a group that is very difficult to communicate using only traditional tools.

Szymon Kubiak

Szymon Kubiak – head of business at the largest Polish esports organization which called Previously, for more than 4 years he was associated with MediaCom Warsaw as head of content creation. Co-author of the largest influencer and gaming campaigns in Poland for clients such as Play and Coca-Cola. Winner of awards: Effie, innovation, Golden Arrow, Grand Prix of the creature, Webstar and Mixx. He gained experience in cooperation with such brands as Volkswagen, Play, Sony Mobile, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer, the Coca-Cola Company. Head of the esport & gaming working group at IAB Poland, co-founder of the largest esports conference in Poland-esport forum.

Maciej Sawicki

Maciej Sawicki – co-founder of the esports organization. Co-owner of the FoszerSawicki production house and animation Better story studio. He has started working on the electronic sports scene since 2003. He is winner of Polish Esport Awards 2017, winner of grand Video Awards 2017 for a series of electronic sports promoting. Maciej Sawicki is leading the program “mission esport” in Onet.

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