This is MarTech, son of mobile

Mobile has become a mature media. This is evidenced by the impressive numbers that we will publish as a working group of IAB on 26.06 at 11:00 during the special webinar „IAB Coffee Talks: Strategic Report mobile 2019” on the IAB fan page with the participation of specialists from Google Poland.

Paradoxically, this channel does not function as a separate category in advertising media plans. As a space for advertising, it was absorbed by programmatic. Programmatic supposed to optimize the reach of the selected users, regardless of the screen they are viewing. This is also influenced by the approach of publishers. They suppose that in the business model tend desktop could be more profitable, because of the large screen it is possible to place more banners.

Does this mean that as an industry we are facing a sad end? Not at all. The key to success is data, not advertising space, which is rapidly devaluing due to oversupply. However, as mobile has become a mature, then according to the cycle of nature-time for offspring.

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