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About the contest​


Create an image on one of the following topics using Dalle/Bing/You.com or another generative AI graphic tool of your choice and send it to Adam.NITECKI@loreal.com by 4:00 PM today (05/04/23).


How to participate, step by step

If you are attending the event in person, you can get support from our [m]spark consultants. Approach the [m]spark stand, which is located just before the entrance to the hall. We will be happy to help!

If you prefer to create the image yourself, choose the platform on which you want to create your image. Below you will find descriptions of several platforms along with instructions on how to use them and a list of useful prompts.

Create an image on the selected platform on the topic:

  1. The future office of L’Oréal Hub Poland & Baltic
  2. Key visual for a new e-commerce campaign for your favorite L’Oréal brand

Use your own detailed prompt (description of your idea) to create the image that best reflects your vision. The prompts described later on this page may be helpful in creating your image.

Send your work in the form of a file or screen shot by 4:00 PM today (05/04/23) to Adam.NITECKI@loreal.com 


5 x GPT-4



  1. Valery Gaucherand
  2. Donata Wolińska
  3. Adam Nitecki

Valery Gaucherand

Donata Wolińska

Adam Nitecki


We provide you with several tools, as some of them may not be available on free accounts due to server traffic.





Generating prompts for visual generative AI can be a fun and creative process. Here are some general tips and tricks that may help you generate interesting and diverse prompts:

  1. Choose a theme: The first step in generating prompts for visual generative AI is to choose a theme. This could be anything from nature to urban landscapes, from abstract art to photorealistic portraits. Having a clear theme in mind will help guide your prompts and ensure that they have a coherent visual style.
  2. Explore different genres: Don’t be afraid to explore different genres and styles of art when generating prompts. For example, you could create prompts for impressionist paintings, surrealist landscapes, or futuristic cityscapes.
  3. Incorporate emotions: Emotions are a powerful way to connect with audiences through visual art. Consider incorporating emotions into your prompts, such as prompts for „happiness”, „sadness”, „fear”, „anger”, or „love”.
  4. Use contrast: Contrast is an effective tool for creating visually interesting art. When generating prompts, think about ways to incorporate contrast, such as prompts for „light and dark”, „soft and hard”, „smooth and rough”, or „warm and cool”.
  5. Think about composition: Composition is the way elements are arranged in a visual image. When generating prompts, think about different compositional techniques you can use, such as prompts for „rule of thirds”, „symmetry”, „leading lines”, or „depth of field”.
  6. Be playful: Finally, don’t forget to be playful and have fun when generating prompts for visual generative AI. Experiment with unusual combinations of words, genres, and emotions to see what kind of unique and unexpected prompts you can come up with.
  7. Use lighting effects: Lighting can be used to create dramatic or moody effects in your visual generative AI works. Experiment with lighting effects such as shadows, highlights, or reflections to create a sense of depth or to draw the viewer’s attention to specific parts of the artwork.
  8. Experiment with different filters: Filters can help to transform the color and tone of your visual generative AI works. Try experimenting with different filters such as black and white, sepia, vintage, or high-contrast filters to see what effect they have on your artwork.
  9. Combine effects: Don’t be afraid to combine different effects to create unique and interesting visual generative AI works. For example, you could apply a filter and a texture, or use a gradient with a lighting effect to create a specific mood or atmosphere.

Sample prompts for „Office of the Future for a Beauty Brand”:

					Create an image of the office of the future for a beauty brand that incorporates sustainable materials, smart technology, and modern design. The space should be both visually stunning and functional for a team of beauty industry professionals.
					Imagine the office of the future for a beauty brand that is designed to promote creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Consider how the space can be optimized for ideation and brainstorming, with features like a comfortable lounge area and dedicated brainstorming rooms.
Sample prompts for: „Key visual for new e-commerce campaign for your favorite brand L’Oreal”
					Create a key visual for a new e-commerce campaign for a beauty brand that features a diverse group of models showcasing the brand's latest products. The visual should be colorful and eye-catching, with a focus on the brand's unique selling points.
					The man on the poster promoting the perfume, a perfume for men. The main notes are orange and grapefruit; the heart notes are pepper, geranium and flint; the base notes are vetiver, cedar, patchouli and benzoin, create an image to match the description of this fragrance
					The man on the poster promoting the latest perfume, wearing a suit with his shirt slightly open and his tie untied, the man on the side of the poster and on the larger part of the poster you can see a bottle of perfume, an eye-catching hypnotic photo, some inscriptions at the very bottom of the poster

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